toddler room

Toddler Room

Age range – 2 to 3 years

Once your child beomes 2 years old we extend our activities to foster the independence skills that they are striving for.  These activities will help promote the children’s fine motor skills, hand-eye-coordination, communication, language and social skills and preferences.  The children learn to pour their own drinks, serve their own food at mealtimes and wipe their own face and hands.  Toddlers predominantly play freely and can use their imagination for role-play activities, music and dance and are encouraged to self-select toys from units that are at their height level.  Nursery nurses will encourage children to join in some adult-led activities such as story-time or creative art.  Toddlers additionally have daily opportunities to play indoors or outdoors in our all-weather garden.  In warm weather the doors remain open all day and sometimes the children choose to eat outside or have a little picnic at snack time.

The toddler room always has a cosy book corner, which is used by the children for small group story times as well as individual book sharing and quiet times.  This helps to promote language development and a love of books.

Examples of some of the activities included are: painting, sand & water, junk modelling, collage, playdough and construction play such as building blocks and sticklebricks.  We have a range of dressing up toys and our role-play area is usually a play kitchen as we find that’s what 2 year old’s love the best! They sometimes venture in to the pre-school room which has an adjoining door if they like the look of their role-play area.

When your child is ready we will work with you to encourage potty training. Until that time we ask that you provide nappies, wet wipes and a change of clothes for your child. Wellington boots are a good idea for wet weather as we let the children play outdoors all year long.  We have 2 outdoor covered areas.

Daily routine

Most of our toddlers like to bring their breakfast to nursery and a nursery nurse will prepare their breakfast -porridge, toast, crumpets- and will sit with them whilst they eat with their friends.  A healthy snack is provided at 10:00am, lunch at 12:00pm, a fruit bowl selection at 2:00pm and tea at 4:00pm. Most of our toddler aged children still like to sleep after lunch and we provide snooze mats in the room.  If your child chooses not to sleep he or she will join either the beanies or pre-school rooms for a short period of time so that tired children can sleep.

The children play spontaneously or join activities that are offered by nursery staff.  Sometimes the toddler children join up with our pre-school children for activities such as fun-fit or music and dance activities. On quiet days (not that we have many) the toddlers and pre-school children have free-flow into each other’s rooms, this gives them further play opportunities and more choices.