pre-school room

Pre-school Room

Age range – 3 to 5 years

We strive to make the pre-school room a fun, safe and comfortable environment for your child, providing rich learning experiences through play. By the age of 3 most children are able to play for extended periods of time and are usually ready to be introduced to more structured activities.  Some of the activities offered will help them to prepare for school such as story time, registration, and our letters and sounds programme.  Children are offered adult-led activities but they are still encouraged to select resources and toys that interest them the most and choose the kind of day that they want.  From time to time we look after small pets such as guniea pigs or fish, the pre-school children have the added responsibility of looking after any animals when we have them.

An example of the activities offefed include:

  • Name recognition, alphabet games and mark making
  • Puzzles and problem solving
  • Creative and expressive art
  • Cooking
  • Playground/circle games
  • Bug hunts
  • Puppets and understanding emotions, feelings and learning to share
  • Contributions to their own learning journeys (scrap books that detail their experiences, milestones and fun during their stay at Sticky Fingers)

Children can also continue with sensory play, painting, model making, sand a water play, music and singing as this all forms an integral part of nursery life.

The pre-school room has a large home corner to so that larger groups of children can role-play which promotes language development, sharing skills and imaginitive play.  We also have a cosy book corner, which is used by the children for group story times as well as individual reading and quiet times.

Along with a structured learning and development programme, we ensure that the natural urge to play and socialise is fulfilled along with the importance of physical exercise.

We offer the children in the pre-school room greater opportunities to become independent. These opportunities are provided at cafe style snack time, self service at lunch and tea time and free access to the garden space.  Children are constantly asked what they would like to do and which toys to play with – giving them the opportunity to make decisions for themselves and follow their own personal interests.

Daily routine

Our flexible pre-school day is centred around a healthy snack at 10:00am, lunch at 12:15pm, fruit bowl selection at 2:00pm and tea at 4:00pm.  Other than these times children play freely indoors or outdoors with toys of their choice.