learning journey overview

All children embark on a ‘learning journey’ and here at Sticky Fingers this journey is documented and evidenced in individual scrapbooks for each child.

All people involved in a child’s care and education – including families contribute to the recording of a child’s learning journey by sharing photographs, anecdotes, stories, achievements and observations.

We aim for parents to view their child’s learning journey every 3 or 4 months and at this time we add a short evaluation of how your child is growing and developing.

The Learning Journey serves many purposes

  • Recognises each child’s achievements.
  • Is a celebration of each child’s individuality.
  • Records expressions, situations and achievements that otherwise would not be able to be recorded.
  • Informs good future practice and planning for each child’s next step in their development.
  • Informs parents, carers and families about what children are experiencing and learning at nursery.
  • The learning journey is ultimately a fabulous book of memorabilia that you get to keep.